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From sunup to sundown, we are of the opinion that a plate of eggs and home fries, with a side of delicious, shimmering bacon, is always an appropriate meal, and an ice-cold Bloody Mary is perfect for any time of day. When it comes to food, all things brunch are near and dear to our hearts here in Virginia Beach -- and for good reason. We have mouth-wateringly delicious brunch options. From the calm waves of Chesapeake Bay Beach to the windswept dunes of the Resort Beach, here are a few of our favorite options to wake up to.

Bay Local Eatery

Bay Local has been a local favorite since it first set up shop at Chesapeake Bay Beach. In fact, the love grew so quickly, they’ve now opened a second location near the Resort Beach. You can’t go wrong with any of their Bennies, but we are partial to the Crab Cake Bennie for its fresh local flavor. Of course, washing it down with a softshell crab-topped Bloody Blue or a fresh-squeezed orange crush is an absolute must. And don’t miss out on the parmesan tots!


Just like Bay Local, Citrus is flipping their flapjacks out of two locations, and they’re doing it with style. Once featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives,” this has been a favorite of locals and visitors alike. Try the “Citrus Style Pancakes” for a fruity take on a brunch staple. Their signature Bloody Mary with an Old Bay rim will make for the perfect brunch pairing.

Anchor Allie’s Bistro

Step back in time to our country’s Golden Era with brunch and a morning cocktail at the vintage naval-themed Anchor Allie’s Bistro, located at Chesapeake Bay Beach as well as in the Virginia Beach Town Center. For a unique take on an omelet, we recommend their Bridge “Bomblette,” which combines seasonal local berries with creamy brie and a drizzle of honey, making for the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Their breakfast cocktails change regularly, but we have yet to try one we haven’t loved!

Java Surf Cafe

Java Surf, located at the Resort Beach, is a great spot for everything from a fresh cup o’ Joe to brunch fit for King Neptune himself. With their focus on locally sourced, organic ingredients, Java Surf is about as fresh as it can get for your mid-morning grub-fest. The open-faced bagel melts are a go-to for us. Try “The Lighthouse” and experience meat and cheese Nirvana topped with the sweet and spicy kick of Sriracha. How can you go wrong with that? To keep the theme of freshness going, there’s just something about their fresh-squeezed OJ that keeps us coming back for more!

Whether it’s the bacon, the booze or the top-notch spots putting out the amazing food, VB is a city of beaches that brunch. So, let’s raise our Bloodys high and toast to our favorite meal of the day. Happy brunching!

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